Keep Going!

What does doing your very best mean to you? It’s amazing how the coach empowered Brock to do way more than what he thought he could do. Isn’t that a job we can all take on, whether we’re coaching, teaching or just living.

Inspiring others in our day-to-day lives.

Being an example and pushing beyond our perceived limits for our children, family, friends and ourselves.

Walk around defeated and others will follow. And the opposite is true, as well. Believe it is possible, and others will too!

Remember a time in high school or sports where you loved to push yourself? You did your very best and the next practice, your very best was even better? The same is true today, at any age.

Remember your capacity at the office, with your family, in a time of conflict, at the gym, or sticking with a new lifestyle change.

Who are you? It’s great to write down I AM statements. Empowering words that you know to be true that you can have as a reference in those moments where you may have forgotten who you are and what you’re capable of.

I am strong, I am committed, I am a leader, I am inspiration, I am fit, I am healthy, I am dedicated, I am thoughtful… I have a list of a 100 qualities that I am with inspiring pictures around it. I invite you to create your own vision board or image that can inspire you.

I also encourage you to think about and write down something you’d like to improve in each category of your life: physical, spiritual, financial, career, friends/family and intimate relationship.

Keep showing up as your best today and it’s ok that it looks different every day. Relax, breathe and keep being you. 



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