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sunny los angeles + aspen, colorado

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instagram @laurinseiden

Common Qs and As:

you've got questions, i've got answers!

How can I work with Laurin 1 on 1 for coaching?

You can work with Laurin 1:1 for many different session types such as trauma clearing, meditation, grief, and money expansion. You can also do a VIP Immersion Day with Laurin or Kundalini Yoga!

What exactly is New You Development? Is it for me?

NYD is place to get matched with your ideal coach.  Laurin is your concierge, and she works with your coach behind the scenes and makes sure you feel totally supported in creating your transformation. Get more info here!

How can I take the Empowered Living Course?

Empowered Living is an 8-week online journey with a clear A-Z point for goal setting and getting connected to yourself! You'll feel clear, inspired and ready to take action. Click here to purchase the course and learn more.