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New You Development, Inc. was born in 2008 while I was traveling the world learning with some of the top personal development leaders throughout the world. 

I had multiple coaches at the time myself (general life coach, relationship coach, business coach, energy coach, meditation coach, intimacy coach…) and only a handful of clients so that I could make time for all my certifications, travel and learning that was so inspiring to me. 

I know the importance first hand of having someone to help hold space for you as your highest light while also guiding you and knowing the right questions and processes to help you clear, gain clarity and create a strategic plan to move forward. While meeting and working with an incredible network of coaches across many disciplines, I decided to start a matchmaking service. I love to connect people and share awesome resources that I’ve found. 

Whether you know what you’re looking for specifically or if you want to work with experts across many’re in the right place. I help to create a custom plan for you. I’m your concierge, I check-in as needed, I work with your coach/coaches behind the scenes and make sure you feel totally supported in creating your transformation. We bring in whatever resources will best support you along the way. This is a one-stop shop. 

Whether you know what you’re looking for specifically or if you want to work with experts across many fields .... you’re in the right place. 

I know the importance first hand of having someone to 

help hold space for you as your highest light 

while also guiding you and knowing the right questions and processes to help you clear, gain clarity and create a strategic plan to move forward.

I’ve personally worked with or vetted everyone I refer for quality, results gained, a sense of caring, their own personal growth standards, a love of what they do, ease of access and communication skills to make things simple and easy to follow. 

Let's connect you with a 


 for your exact needs. 

we have specialists who are experts in the following...


Breaking and Creating Habits 
Parts Integration
Temporal Dynamics 
Bipolar, Schizophrenia  

relationship challenges:

Grief from loss of a loved one 
Intimacy Issues 
Sexual, emotional or physical abuse
Non-Violent Communication 

Alison Armstrong and Erotic Blueprint Certified Relationship coaches 

Health, Wellness, and Nutrition:

 Colon Hydrotherapy 
 Lymphatic Massage
Physical Therapists
Internal Wellness 

Health Retreats with World’s Leading Doctors 

varIous specialists

Dr. DeMartini Method Facilitators 
Coaches for children or teens
Career Transition coaches
Professional Organizers 
Voice and vocal coaching with the world’s best expert 
Personal trainers and teachers of various yoga styles 

— Amy Mencia 

While therapy’s been helpful, coaching’s like rocket fuel. I can’t believe how spot-on Laurin’s recommendations are. I’ve loved the coaches I’ve been using, and have been using them for years now. You’ll save so much time, energy and money letting Laurin pick the top experts for you.”

save time, energy, and money

Choose one of these packages, and we’ll match you up with the perfect coach to move your life forward.

I’ve personally worked with or vetted everyone I refer for quality, results gained, a sense of caring, their own personal growth standards, a love of what they do, ease of access and communication skills to make things simple and easy to follow. 


Have something pressing you want to talk about? An important meeting coming up, something keeping you up at night, or the need for a quick kick in the pants to get to the gym? Want to try someone out pronto? 

We’ll email you within 24 hours to get the ball rolling. You’ll just answer a few questions and we’ll schedule you with an available coach from our hand-selected pool of top experts. 

Price: starting at $250/hour

*For certain experts prices and packages may vary. 

i'm ready


Want true momentum to move towards the “you” you know you could be? You’ll want a coach to hold you accountable. 

Price: $1700/month

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• A customized questionnaire so we can dive in

• A one-time, 30-minute kickoff session with me, Laurin

• 4 one-hour calls with your hand-picked coach

• Customized tools, exercises, assignments to help you move forward

If you’re committed and ready for results this is the package for you.

what you get:

VIP Intensive

A full day intensive with an expert coach. Includes an hour follow-up phone call after a full-day meeting. If you’re going through a life change, have something you really want to get handled, or need to make some serious progress FAST this is for you. We can cover a lot in a day. This isn’t right for everyone. This is for super-committed, take action people. If that’s you, we can’t wait to get started. You’ll get an in-depth questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your goals while matching you with your ideal coach. 

Price: $4,000

Dive In Now 

Business Coaching

We offer Individual and group coaching. From solopreneurs, to start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies and everywhere in between, we’ve gone into them all. 

get a free strategy call!

• Culture 
• Values 
• Team Building 
• Clarity Sessions 
• Content Creators:
   - Websites 
   - Copy 
   - Graphic Design 
   - Social Media 

corporate trainings:

Click below to fill out a form to set up your initial free strategy session so we can choose the best coach and package for you. 

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Let us make finding your dream coach easy for you!

Common Qs and As:

you've got questions, i've got answers!

What if I don't like my coach?

No problem, we can talk and match you with someone else, especially once we have your feedback on what worked and what didn’t work. Our goal is to have happy long-term clients, not take your money unless you are totally over the moon.

How will coaching help me?

You’ll save years, tons of money and a lot of heartache by working alongside someone who knows the road ahead and is trained in multiple modalities to guide you forward.
They not only help you with where you are, clearing out anything limiting from your past, but they can also foresee what’s next and help you make the wisest decisions for you based on your own personal unique values and goals. 

How long do I need a coach for?

While there’s no recommended time frame, I can tell you once you work with someone who’s the perfect match, you won’t be able to imagine not having them in your life. I still have my coach, my coach has a coach… While you may not need a coach every week, I still recommend at least monthly check-ins. It’s helpful to have someone ask you questions, keep you on target, have your best interest in mind and to share your thoughts, concerns, emotions and ideas. We all know with more success, sometimes it takes carving out the time to continue to focus and plan ahead and strategize. 

Can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds, but we’ll never try to rope you into some ongoing payment system that’s hard to cancel.
If you wanna try us out I suggest starting with an hourly session or committing to one month for now. With that said, if there’s ever an extenuating circumstance our goal is to be fair and flexible and make sure our clients are thrilled with their results. 

Why do I need help finding a coach? Can't I find one online or through word of mouth?

You may meet coaches all the time, or you may not even really know what coaching is. Wherever you are on the spectrum, it’s hard to find the perfect match for you. It’s like dating: a needle in a haystack, unless you have help finding that special person. With the population of coaches vast and hard to navigate, there are still so few resources for finding the right coach. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a matchmaker for finding your coach “soulmate”? And, to help you avoid costly mistakes? A lot of coaches while well-intentioned don’t have the background, training and experience that our coaches have. 

get matched with your ideal coach

the ultimate coaching 

coaches specializing in more than

get results when you want them

work with the

30+ fields


world's top coaches

move forward quickly

Do you ever think ...

if you ask any of these things then coaching is for you and can help.

• who am I?

• what am i doing this for? why me?

• I know I should lose weight, but…

• Ugh, why can’t I ever find a good guy?

• I wish my relationship had more passion and excitement.

• I want to have a bigger impact on the world.

• My job is miserable. 

• I need to make more money. 

• I need more home-work life balance. 

• isn't there more?

Even top-athletes, top-producers and presidents have coaches. We all need a self-reflective mirror to have a life that’s fulfilling.

— Amy Mencia, Encino CA

"I am so grateful to have found New You Development." 

“Finding a coach has been the most seamless process thanks to their full proof placement. Having a coach has saved me time and money. Therapy’s helpful, but coaching’s like rocket-fuel when you’re really ready to make a change. You’ll wonder how you ever would have found such a customized fit without them, and the results in your life will prove it.


Seriously thinking about getting a coach?

get the 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Coach 

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I've spent the past 10 plus years in hundreds of personal development events, spending time with coaches, being coached, being a life coach myself for years, and being mentored by some of the best in the industry. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to get advice from Tony Robbins, Esther Perel, Alison Armstrong, Guru Singh, Dr. John DeMartini, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Steve Linder, Mark Victor Hansen, Keith Cunningham, Donny Epstein, David Wolfe, Sheila Kelley, Anandagiri, and lots more amazing leaders in every area of life. 

I’ve met the most incredible coaches along the way. I’ve mastered knowing who can really get results, and I have a knack for filtering out the best of the best. What’s more, I’m born and raised in New York City and I like things fast, simple and easy to understand. I know how to pick coaches who work with people because they love it and I know what their sweet spots really are. 

For this reason, I’ve become an expert at matching people with the perfect coach for them. This isn’t where you’ll end up with your typical “certified online yesterday” or “just trying to make a living from home” coach. This is where you’ll get the best.

Why are you qualified to find me a coach?

— Jennifer Bell, Boulder, CO

Laurin dives in and asks just the right questions to move you forward quickly. As a coach myself, I can tell you she’s the coach’s coach. I recommend if you’ve been thinking about something you want in your life that you check out her resources. Every coach she finds and recommends is an absolute ace.”

move forward quickly