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Why do some people seem to effortlessly flow in their life, while others struggle year after to year in finances, health and relationships?

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Since 2007, I’ve been working 1:1 and in groups with thousands of people from all over the world and I’ve come to see some patterns and tools that work across the board regardless of what specific life, relationship, health, financial or professional issue we’re working on improving.

I started meditating daily in 2007 and was surprised to find how much of a difference that made in my personality, identity and the way I see and relate to myself, others and life itself.
When I went through Kundalini Yoga training and multiple modalities of meditation, I started hearing about 2 things that really impacted me: Chakras and our Nervous System. 

And, it’s become my most inspiring life purpose to relate all my personal development tools to help open and regulate these two aspects of our being.

Hi, I'm Laurin Seiden,

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