Meditation and Tips for A Restful Nights Sleep

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Quality sleep is often something we overlook when we’re working long hours, unwinding late into the night or binging a show.

A lack of sleep really does impact our health and well being in so many ways. From brain fog, to burned out adrenals, weight gain, irritability, lack of focus and creativity, the list is endless. It really is worth taking the time to consciously choose our sleep patterns.

Here’s some helpful tips that allowed me to start some new habits, fall asleep easier and get to bed earlier: 

  1. Remove electronics from the bedroom. I took my tv out of the room and started turning my phone on airplane mode. I also have a Q-link plugged in to help remove the EMFs. 
  2. No working in the bedroom. I stay in the living room until I’m ready to go sleep. I actually come into my bedroom when it’s time to start falling asleep. I may do some meditation or capture something on iPhone notes or voice memos, but for the most part, reading and working is done away from my sleep zone.
  3. Wear blue blockers and set your electronics at night. I have Flux downloaded on my computer and set to start changing the screen at 5pm. As it gets later, the screen gets more pink and removes the blue light. Same is true for my iPhone and iPad (from the apple settings). You can purchase blue blockers here.  
  4. Intermittent Fasting. Eating dinner earlier around 5 or 6pm has been so helpful. I used to snack a lot at night and found my sleep throughout the night was less restful. It took about a week to get used to, but it’s been so worth it. You can make some teas to help you if you feel hungry in the evening as well. Now, throughout the night, your body can really focus on healing and rejuvenating so you wake up more clear and energized.
  5. Daily Meditation. I’m especially a fan of a morning and evening meditation. And, if you can, I recommend a few shorter ones throughout the day as you need. Our mind needs time to clear and process all the thoughts, desires, challenges and doubts throughout each day so we can be present. The mind is made to think, but our soul is here to shine and be present so we can live in our true gifts.


Here’s a meditation for regulating your nerves, radiating and sleeping better.


It’s also worth noting the time (if you’re waking up throughout the night). Our bodies and different organs heal in a cycle and there’s information when we look a little deeper on the emotional level as well. I’ll write another blog on that soon, but for now, if I can support you at all, feel free to leave a comment below, send me a message or contact me for a session. 

Here’s to a restful night’s sleep



P.S. If you haven’t signed up for my FREE guided gratitude journey for a Restful and Rejuvenating Night’s Sleep, Click Here. 

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